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Metal Dome Four Leg Dome with Center Hole

Four Leg Dome with Center Hole

Four leg metal dome with center hole was designed specifically for application that require back-lit switch with excellent click feeling with clear sound. The center hole of metal dome allows design put LED just under the metal dome (above the top of PCB), instead of putting on the back side of PCB, as well as allow put location pins through the center hole of metal dome.

That four leg (cross) metal dome with center through hole can be mounted on single or double sided PCBflex circuits and membranes, where traces of negative and positive can designed under the dome on the same side of circuits.

Like normal Four-leg metal dome, it has better clicking fee than Circle and Oblong series dome, and longer life cycle than Triangle dome. Its normal life times are >= 500,000 times.

Right now, the diameter of that four leg metal dome with through center hole is 7.4mm, 8.4mm, 10mm, and 12.2mm, and diameter of center through hole is various from 2.8mm, 3.0mm to 3.5mm, with a little higher trip force, typically 250- 350 gf. Surface finishing can be Natural (without additional plating), Nickel plating and Gold plating (on contact side only). The trip force, rebound/return force, click, travel, and height, etc., can be adjustable a little according to clients' request. No matter what size or force you require, we'll do our best to produce it.Contact us now for more!

We not only pack metal dome in normal bulk, but also can put each dome on an array and with Adhesive tape on its top, so that you can just peel off each piece and put it on key location of Keyboard/FPC/PCB. For more information, please see single key dome array, or visit our blog.

Four-Leg Metal Dome With Center Hole Specifications:
  1. Contact Configuration: SPST, Normally Open

  2. Contact Bounce (on) : <.3ms

  3. Contact Bounce (off) : <6ms

  4. Operating Temperature: -55 C to 125 C

  5. Storage Temperature: -55 C to 125 C

  6. Humidity: 0-97% (no condensation)

  7. Contact Resistance:<100 ohms

  8. With Nickel plating: <1 ohm

  9. Gold or silver plating: <0.1 ohm

  10. Voltage/Current Maximum: 12 ma @ 24 volts DC

  11. Breakdown Voltage: Over 200 volts

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