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Metal Dome In Tube

In Tube

Metal dome tube means domes are packed in a tube which is suitable for auto or half-auto dome placement machine or device. Normally there's a button on that machine, each time you push it, one metal dome will be put on target position and then go to next position, without re-load or pick a metal dome individually.

Using metal dome in tube will accelerate the speed of metal dome assembly to save money and time. With a dome placement pen, or auto pick gun, dome in tube is convenient for assembly. Normally it's 1,000-1,500 pcs dome per hour, or can can be up to 2,000/hour, compared to human hand 300-500pcs/hour. To get a more fast speed, you need to use dome in Tape & Reel packing. Further more, it also increase the precision of alignment, comparing to pick each one by a tweezer or sticker from the bulk metal domes.

The tube was made by light, transparent plastic in a certain size to sustain metal dome stable during transportion and assembly process. Different diameter of metal dome pakaged in different size of plastic tube. Also dome in tube will will save shipping fee compare with dome in Tape & Reel packing, or peel & place (array), becuase size of tube is smaller.

Currently this packing avaialbe in market is for only Four-leg metal dome, because this shape is convenient to put into tube in a correct direction, and to get a good alignment. Each leg of dome will lay in each corner of tube, like following pictures showing.

Circle Metal Dome (with legs)

Circle Metal Dome (with legs)

For Circle series metal domes, most of factories have dome collection machine and can put them into a stainless steel tube which can be used for repetitious long times. For plastic tube, consider the handle and shipping cost, it'll no be reclaimed. But if customer is near to us and can bring them back to us in good condition, we can give some discount for meta dome purchasing.

Details of Tube Metal Dome

Circle Metal Dome (with legs)

Circle Metal Dome (with legs)

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