metal dome array & sheet (dome array) is a kind of glued PET array & sheet that carries metal dome, which will be peeled easy from the released paper and place sticky on circuit boards, as a switche of electronic device. So it also need "peel & place metal dome", in viewing of metal dome packing. You can put single dome or several metal dome per array, as per designed purposed, mostly the same quantity and location as PAD of circuit board which will be sticked on.

The dome array (metal dome array)is the most cost effective solution for a simple switch with a superior tactile interface between your equipment and the user. Compared to the membrane polyester switch which was formerly used, it gives good click-feeling. It also gives much longer lasting life span compared to poly dome sheets, becuase metal dome used.

Metal dome contacts on the arrays (sheets) are positioned over the contact point of PCBs. When a dome is pressed, the center of it contacts to the PCB and let the electric current flow through. This is how metal dome arrays work. Please click our blog to see how to assemble metal dome array on PCB.

It is possible to manufacture metal dome arrays (metal dome sheets)with various size and to meet customers' request. At present, we make the following basic types of metal dome arrays.

1 Single layer dome array
This type is used in the early period of metal dome arrays (dome arrays) industry. Metal dome contacts are attached under Maylar (one layer of adhesive PET film). On the sheet, there is an air hole for each dome contact and it is essential for good click-feeling.
2 Double layer dome array

This type is somehow similar to single layer type by means of metal dome contacts attached under Maylar. But the difference is that, in this type, the Spacer is attached under the metal dome contacts. Air paths which function like air holes in single-layer, helps provide good click-feeling when dome contacts are pressed. Besides this effect, air paths help reduce the chance for PET film being damaged by metal dome contacts' burr and block dust coming into PET films.

3 EMI Printing dome array
On top of the Mayler which carries metal dome contacts, silver paste or silver carbon paste is printed as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Control). This helps reduce electrostatic which might be harmful to other parts inside of mobile phones. Electrostatic is gathered on the printed silver paste or silver carbon paste and neutralized.
EMI Single layer
EMI is printed on top of single-layer metal dome arrays (dome arrays).
- EMI Double layer
EMI is printed on top of double-layer metal dome arrays (dome arrays)
4 Rubber Glue dome array
There's one layer of Rubber Glue on top of the Mayler or EMI. It has special Plastic performance and can be tightly stick on Keypad or PCBs.
5 LGF dome array
The full name of LGF is Light Guide Film. When we add a LGF on current normal double layer or EMI dome array, it becomes a LGF dome array. It can achieve great result of light distribution.
6 Custom Designs dome array

Mobile phone market, Handheld / PDA, GPS systems, Point of Sale Terminals; Automotive: Telematics, Window controls, Seat controls & Steering wheel systems Remote Keyless Entry system (RKE); Consumer Goods: MP3 players, Digital cameras, Camcorder, Portable CD players, Toys Cordless Phones; White Goods: Microwave, Dishwasher, Dryer, Commercial scales, Small appliances Medical; Others: Entertainment, Office, Security systems, Industrial, Telecom Handheld instruments

dome array
dome array


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