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Metal Dome Oblong Metal Dome

Oblong Metal Dome

Oblong metal domes (Oval metal domes, rectangle metal dome) are oblong (oval) shaped switch contacts that were designed for mounting on double sided printed circuit boards, flexible circuits and membranes.

Applications requiring a low profile switch on an overly populated circuit board are a perfect fit with our C and O-Series metal domes. The O-Series metal domes can be used in a long & narrow space than other three shape domes.

The size for small one is like 3*4mm, 3.7*5.0mm, 4.2*5.6mm, and medium one as 7.1*8.9mm, 5.6*11.28mm, 8.89*17.78mm, and bigger one can be 12.7*25.4mm, 38.1*12.8mm, even 51*13.70mm. Sometimes people also call it "rectangle dome".

The trip force of O series dome is typically 100- 500gf, and its rebound/return force, click, travel, height, etc., can be adjustable according to clients' request. No matter what size or force you require, we'll do our best to produce it. Contact us now for more!

Metal Dome Specifications:
  • Contact Configuration:SPST, Normally Open

  • Contact Bounce (on) : <.3ms

  • Contact Bounce (off) : <6ms

  • Operating Temperature: -55 C to 125 C

  • Storage Temperature:-55 C to 125 C

  • Humidity:0-97% (no condensation)

  • Contact Resistance:<100 ohms

  • With gold or silver plating: <1 ohm

  • Voltage/Current Maximum:12 ma @ 24 volts DC, RL

  • Breakdown Voltage:Over 200 volts

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