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Metal Dome Single Layer Dome Array

Single Layer Dome Array

This type of metal dome array (dome array) is used in the early period of metal dome arrays (dome arrays) industry. Metal dome contacts are attached under Maylar (one layer of adhesive PET film). On the sheet, there is an air hole for each dome contact and it is essential for good click-feeling.
  1. light & small

  2. Nice handle & returned dome with breathe freely hole on metal dome.

  3. Mainly used in cheap single layer PCB.

Structure of dome araray


single layer dome array

Technical Parameter

Total Height:0.28-0.45 mm
Travel:0.13-0.30 mm
Scope of Force:100-400 gf
Tolerance of Force:±25 gf
Click Ratio:>30%
Life Cycles:>1 Million Cycles
Salt and Fog Examination:v35±2°C, 5±0.1%, 48H
Working Temperature:-20°C-50°C
Working Humidity:Under 100%RH
Touch Resistance:<1 ohm
ESD Resistance:<3 ohm
Dimension Tolerance:±0.05-±0.15mm

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